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An inside look at our Client Experience process and what you can expect from your service


Your service begins with a consultation so we can get to know you and understand what you are hoping to acheive with your services. Here are just a few of the things we will discuss:

  • Analysis of your skin tone and eye colour, to find your most complimentary hair colours
  • Analysis of your face shape which is used in both colour and cut suggestions
  • Fusion of your desired hairstyle with your desired frequency of salon visits and available styling time
  • Evaluation of your hair type and hair health
  • Thorough explanation of the services you require to acheive your desired hairstyle
  • Price quote for your services before we begin

Service Process

Your Stylist will have explained the plan thoroughly so its time to sit back and relax! Our policy with any chemical service is always ‘slow and low’ which for you translates to the least aggresive chemical process possible.

Clients are sometimes surprised that processing time can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour but this additional time is well worth it in the long run to keep your hair at its healthiest!

Hot Towel & Scalp Massage

With so many things on your to do list there’s not much ‘me time’ available!

Just 5 minutes with a hot towel around your neck at the same time you receive a scalp massage from our Stylist’s magic fingers, will have you feeling relaxed and pampered.

That’s why its included in every service complimentary!

Styling Lesson

There’s nothing greater than the feeling of having a fresh new hairstyle except maybe the dread of trying to style it the next morning exactly like we have!

To keep your styling routine as stress free as possible you’ll walk away knowing the tips and tricks to keep your styling quick and successful.



Photo Worthy Finish

A picture is worth a 1,000 words!

Every service you have should leave your hair worthy of a photo, and that’s exactly our goal.

No matter whether you’ve gotten a trim or an all out makeover, you’ll walk away with meticulously styled hair.

Your style should last you for at least a few days after your visit!


In order to keep your hair looking its best at all times there will of course be some maintenance.  You’ll have already learned in you consultation how often you’ll need to see us to maintain your look so before you leave we will prebook your next appointment.

No more scrambling at the last minute when an event pops up, your hair will always be ready when you are!


Reliability & Consistentcy

Studio Policies 



For our client’s benefit we ask that all cancellations are given with 24hrs notice. This ensures that those that waiting for appointments will have the opportunity to be fit into an available time slot. Cancellations with less than 24hrs notice will be charged at a rate between $38-$50/hr of time booked accordingly to the Stylist they were booked with.


Appointment Times

We respect our client’s valuable time; we want to be ready for your appointment exactly at the time it was originally scheduled. In order for us to accomplish this we request that clients arrive at the time their appointment was made for. Clients who are running late will unfortunately not be accommodated and will be charged according to the above cancellation rate. This ensures that the stylist’s next client will not have to wait due to the previous appointment running over.



We work hard at keeping our Studio a quiet and relaxing environment for our clients. With this in mind we ask that children do not accompany you while you are having your services done and come only for their own scheduled appointment.


Privacy Policy

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AODA Policy

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Terms & Conditions Policy

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Luxury, quality & comfort

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