So you want to be a Hairstylist??

So you want to be a Hairstylist??

I read an article recently filled with great advice for Hairstylists and Salon Owners.  It inspired me to write my own thoughts down on what I feel should be shared with all potential stylists.

It explains the reason why they should want to enter the industry and gives fundamental insight into whether being a Hairstylist is really what they want to pursue.

Very few aspiring Hairstylists understand this essential truth.

Its not about the hair.

Surprised?  😯

I think most people signing up for hair school would disagree with that statement, but most of us who are earning our living as career Hairstylists know this as fact 💯

I’m sure any Hairstylist you ask will tell you how much they love doing hair. Coloring, cutting, styling – it’s something we are extremely passionate about. A way for us to express our artistry and create.

As artists, hair is our medium.

The feeling we get from creating something truly beautiful is what drives us to continue, to find the next medium and create 🎨   It’s this feeling that most young Hairstylists are chasing in their journey to turn their passion for hair into a career.

Now if you are reading this as a paying client I’m sure you are a bit confused, and rightfully so! Sound like I’m forgetting something? 😕

You are right – there is something enormous missing and this, for some Hairstylists, is where it all goes horribly wrong.

PEOPLE!!! Our medium is a person! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Not a piece of canvas, not an inanimate object. A PERSON with feelings, hopes and desires.  One who has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to their hair.  One who actually OWNS, USES and WEARS our art everyday!

You should want to be a Hairstylist because you love 💗  making PEOPLE love 💗  their hair.

Being a Hairstylist is not about you – it’s about every single person who sits in your chair. Every person who hands you their time, their trust, their hair, and amazingly allows you to touch a tiny piece of their heart. A person who invites you into their life every 6 – 8 weeks.  That’s an amazing privilege and responsibility to carry with you every day.

It is through a Client that you chase your artistic passion, to bring what they are dreaming of to life.

Not a people person? Stick to working with canvas 🤷🏼‍♀️

Trust me though – you’ll be missing out on an amazingly rewarding profession!

So do you still want to be a Hairstylist? 💇🏼‍♀️

Thanks for listening,



Consultation Confessional – the truth is always best!

Consultation Confessional – the truth is always best!

Are you guilty of leaving a little something left unsaid during your consultation? A little at home craftiness or perhaps a visit with a different Stylist? 🤔

Your consultation is where a Stylist learns everything they need to know about your hair. We call this ‘hair history’.  Think of it like your hair’s life story – exactly what your hair would say if it was spilling the T ☕️

Your very first consultation with a new Hairstylist should be DETAILED 💯.  Questions which may seem almost silly to you, can hold very valuable information for us that we need to anticipate how your hair will react during your service. Even for returning clients, your subsequent consultations (yes – there should always be one) will contain lots of questions on your experience with your hair since we last saw you.

So when a Hairstylist asks you ‘Is there any hair colour on your hair right now?’ or ‘Have you had hair colour since you were last here?’ and you answer ‘NO’, there’s a few different ways this can all play out……

Scenario 1:

There really is no hair colour nor has there ever been hair colour on your hair. Congratulations! 🎉  You are officially a Hairstylist’s dream client and have won the ‘We can make your hair ANY colour you want!’ Prize.  Seriously – you are a catch! A hair colour virgin!  We’ve heard of you but until now thought you were a rare mythical creature only seen in our hair colour dreams!!  Yes, we are excited 😂

Scenario 2:

There is no hair colour left in your hair because it’s all ‘faded out’ – and anyway that was 6 months ago. Those highlights that you covered up with said colour – you can’t see those anymore either. What difference would it make now?

Considering the conversation you’ve just had with yourself, you answer ‘NO’. Now visually this may be true – you aren’t ‘lying’. You just can’t see the colour anymore so what’s the big deal?

Red Flag! 🚩  Or in your Hairstylist’s case, white flag! 🏳  🙈

Let’s say you are asking your Hairstylist to put some highlights in your hair.  After sitting forever to have all the foils put in your Stylist comes back to check if you are ready to rinse and oddly asks you ‘Are you sure there isn’t any hair colour on your hair?’. 

Want to know why we ask this? Staring back at us from that open foil is the exact line where your new blonde goes from beautiful and light (on your natural hair) to orangey and dark (where that ‘faded out’ old hair colour is). Oh and then look there where it goes from beautiful and light to white and shredding exaclty where those old highlights were 😢   We could have formulated for this – had we only known……

Scenario 3:

You want to confess but are afraid to hurt our feelings.  Or maybe you are embarrassed about experimenting (side note: we’ve alllllll experimented 😂  )  or simply just don’t want to have what you anticipate being an awkward conversation 🤷🏼‍♀️.   So in response to our question about any recent hair colour, you go ahead answer ‘NO’.

Red Flag! 🚩  Or in your Hairstylist’s case, white flag! 🏳. 🙈

See the results from Scenario 2.  They apply here as well.

Let me fill you in on a little secret 🤫.  There are very, very few cases where we look at the hair during consultation and can’t tell whether it has been previously coloured or not.  But as in the scenarios above when we ask ‘Is there any hair colour on your hair?’ and you say ‘NO’, we believe you and formulate accordingly.

The hair history you give us at the beginning of your appointment helps us get you the hair colour you want.  If we have all the information (no matter what you really wish was better left unsaid) we can anticipate problems and account for them.  We can realistically tell you what will happen, considering your hair history, and exactly what your options are to get you to where you want to go.

Moral of the story?  Don’t be afraid! Spill your heart out in the consultation.  Tell us every single, little tiny thing you’ve ever done, or had done to your hair!  Have long hair? Get comfy – that’s a good 3 to 4 years of story telling you have ahead of you.

Just spill it sister ☕️  We’ll just be here listening and taking notes!

Thanks for listening,



Why is Perception so Important?

Why is Perception so Important?

Perception is an interesting thing.  It’s like a personal lens through which we see ourselves and the things around us.

Imagine two women, the first we’ll name ‘Jen’ and the second we’ll name ‘Judy’ 😉  Both are shown the same bracelet. It’s white, a little dingy, and woven together with a bit of pink thread to create a short, solid band. On each end longer pink threads hang loosely, crimped along their length possibly from being tied.

When asked to describe the bracelet ‘Jen’ seems a little annoyed 🙄  and doesn’t give the bracelet a second glance as she says…

‘It’s one of those bracelets, you know the silly kind you give to your friends as kids? The kind everybody wore around to signify they were part of the “popular” crowd.  Like they were a badge of honour or something.’ She laughs a bit and continues ‘So stupid to carry on about them the way the kids I went to school with did!’

After she finishes ‘Judy’ seems saddened by Jen’s description 😔  and proceeds to describe the bracelet she has now picked up and holds in her hand.

‘This is a friendship bracelet! I made one exactly like this for my best friend and we wore them everyday! We made them out of embroidery thread so they were soft just like this one is.  I loved wearing it because it kind of made me feel like I was a part of something when I saw my bestie wearing the exact same bracelet.’

After Judy finishes the two women look at each other for a minute, Jen rolling her eyes and Judy almost confused as she watches Jen’s reaction.

How can the exact same thing be described so differently?  Shouldn’t both women see it the same way?  It’s simply white thread woven together with some pink here and there! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Although that may be an accurate physical description of what the item is, Jen and Judy’s perception of the bracelet, created by their own personal experiences, is what they described.

Think of it like this….. If you slipped on a pair of pink tinted sunglasses 👓  the white bracelet would appear pink.  If you put on a pair of blue tinted sunglasses 👓  the white bracelet would of course look blue.


Perception is as individual as the colours in the rainbow🌈, and the best part is you can take off the glasses 👓 you’re wearing at any time.


Your perception is the sum of your experiences.  How you see yourself, your height, weight, hair, facial features, etc, etc, carries the weight or ‘tint’, of past life experiences both good and bad.  That little remark made in good fun at 14 that you were ‘curvy’ may still be affecting the way you think you look.  Being told your skin has a rough texture by a well meaning aesthetician during a facial, may still make you second guess needing a second layer of foundation every morning.

Every experience you have adds to the ‘tint’ of your sunglasses.  And they add up fast 💨


But here’s the thing. You can choose to take off the tinted glasses 👓


You can ‘take off’ or let go of what is continuing to effect your perception. To decide to see yourself in a new way and start building a better, newer perception of yourself and your life.

Don’t believe me? Try it next time you find yourself seeing something completely differently from someone else.  Try it next time you have a differing opinion from someone.  There literally could not be a better time to try this.  Opinions and criticisms are rampant on social media. As you scroll, when something gets you worked up ask yourself if there is some experience in your past that is ‘tinting’ your view.  Challenge yourself to open up to a different perspective.

Do you really need to keep your tinted glasses 👓  on or can you remove them?

Can you change your perception on something you struggle with and start feeling lighter and happier leaving behind those old experiences that are no longer your reality behind?

I hope you’ll try it.  This is personal growth babe 😘

Thanks for listening,






How to Choose a Stylist Part 6 – Do You Feel Important?

How to Choose a Stylist Part 6 – Do You Feel Important?

Hopefully if you’ve follow along with this blog series so far you are already starting to realize that feeling important is what it’s all about!  You are the priority! How your experiences make you feel play a huge part in your decision to find your perfect Hairstylist.

★When you contacted the Salon to book the consultation what was your experience like?

★When you came in for the consultation did someone greet you right away or did you feel a bit awkward wondering if you should tell them you’d arrived?

★Was your consultation rushed or did the Stylist take time to really listen to your concerns?

★Did your Stylist recommend the products and services you actually needed or did they go straight for the monthly promotions? 

★Did you feel like a person or a number? 

★Did your Stylist take time to create a solution for your concerns or was the importance of those concerns somehow lost in further conversation?

When you feel important you’ll know it!

Choosing a Hairstylist doesn’t have to be any more complicated than this.  Do you feel important? It’s ok to start expecting more out of your hair appointment and truthfully, you should! 

It can be overwhelming to get started trying to find a Hairstylist because of the sheer number of Salons and Stylists you have to choose from.  Instead of becoming overwhelmed just remember what a good thing all that choice really is! Everyone is looking for something different and the more choice you have, the higher the chance of meeting your perfect Hairstylist!

A reminder on the steps you took with me in this series:  

#1.  Know What You Want

#2.  Go Window Shopping

#3.  Look at the Salon

#4.  Have Interviews

#5.  Compare on Value not Price

#6.  Do you Feel Important?

Take these tips, work through the process and create a success story of your very own.  I promise you the time you spend working through this process will reward you in the end! 

A little word in closing………

Yes, we are a hair salon full of Stylists who would be happy to help you but that’s still not the point.

The point of this series is for you to feel confident in choosing who the right Stylist is for YOU.

It’s entirely about YOU!

Thanks for listening,



How to Choose a Hairstylist Part 5 – Value is different than Price

How to Choose a Hairstylist Part 5 – Value is different than Price

How did your interviews go? Hopefully you have a standout candidate already, but if you haven’t had time to do them or are still scratching your head wondering how you choose you are in the right place!  Today we are talking about the 💸💸💸💸

It absolutely pays to be picky about personal services which is definitely why I’m writing this for you! A salon experience should be more than money due for services rendered.  You should receive far more value than the amount of money you paid. 

So what exactly does that mean? 

What else did you get out of your hair appointment besides the hair?


  1. Thelma goes to Salon ‘A’ for a cut and style and pays $45 for a great service.
  2. Louise goes to Salon ‘B’ for a cut and style and also pays $45 for a great service.

They look exactly the same right?

Hold up 🛑 We have may more to talk about besides price!

Thelma’s appointment at Salon ‘A’ took around 30 minutes.  A quick in and out with lots of time to run a few errands after! 

Louise’s appointment at Salon ‘B’ on the other hand was 45 minutes since there was a lengthy shampoo and scalp massage included for a little extra pampering as well as some in-depth problem solving for the issue she’s been having with getting enough volume.

With both appointments priced at $45 which one has greater value? The one that saves you time or the one that takes time to pamper and help you? 

There is no ‘right’ choice, only the choice you see the most value in.

Personally this is why I love how many Salon/Stylist options there are locally.  That may sound backwards to you as I am an owner of one of those salons, but it’s so true!  We all offer something different making the odds of finding somewhere that aligns with what you value most that much greater.

One more example:

  1. Betty goes to Stylist ‘A’ for a full head of foil highlights, toner, cut and style, and pays $165 for a great service.
  2. Veronica goes to Stylist ‘B’ for a full head of foil highlights, toner, cut and style, and pays $195 for a great service.

Sure, if you are measuring on price alone Stylist ‘A’ would be a clear winner because her price was $30 lower but  here’s how it breaks down keeping value top of mind. 

Stylist ‘A’ has been licensed for 2 years with no additional education.  Stylist ‘B’ has also been licensed for 2 years but has completed an additional year of continuing education, and uses very high quality products.

Do you place the most value on price or do you see the value in paying an extra $30 for your service knowing that your Stylist has had more training and you receive the benefit of top of the line products?

Again, there’s no right choice – just your choice. 

Here’s a list of some common things you may want to check out in order to fully compare value:

  • How long the service takes
  • Perks of being a client (promotions, giveaways, etc)
  • The experience provided during your service
  • Quality of products used during your service
  • Total price and the cost of future maintenance
  • Your Stylist’s knowledge on how to keep your hair healthy doing the services you love to have
  • Your Stylist’s level of Education
  • Involvement in your community – does part of the payment you leave get put directly back into your community?

Just think about it.  The relationship you develop with your Hairstylist is very unique.  This is the person that sees you through getting married, births, deaths, sickness and celebration! That’s no ordinary relationship! 💞

I’ll be back to wrap up this blog series with part 6, which in my opinion is the most important one!


Thanks for listening,






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