Girl, take a break. Literally.

Written by Carrie Robinson

A Hairstylist for over 20 years, Carrie is still extremely passionate about the industry and is the owner of CI Hair Studio in Woodstock, On.

March 3, 2020

I see you.

I see you pouring that second (or third) cup of coffee, trying to make the most out of every minute of the day.

You’re a doer.  Once you set your mind on something you aren’t satisfied until you achieve it.

You’re a hard worker.  Burning the candle at both ends.  Working a side hustle in the wee hours of the morning just so you can eventually follow your passion full time.  If that’s not your life right now, it was once.  You have to plant those seeds and nurture them before your passion can show in full bloom.

You are amazing.  Nobody tells you this enough.  Few understand what it feels like to have that burning desire for more live inside of them.  It’s easily misunderstood.

Here’s the thing though.  I can also hear you.

I can hear what you tell yourself when you don’t live up to your expectations.  When you don’t finish your to do list.  On the days when you’re so damn tired that you wonder why you are doing it anymore at all.  The days that your passion is merely a warm coal instead of a full flame.

Girl, take a break.  Literally.

Take out your planner (I know you’ve got one) and put yourself on it.  Again, literally.

15 minutes, 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter.  Just get your name on it, and here’s what you are going to do when the time comes.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and hear these words:

‘You got this.’

You really, really do.  Deep breath again:

‘You are amazing.’

What you say to yourself is so damn important so remember to be kind.

‘You got this.’

Feel better now?


Thanks for listening,


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